Enabling aerospace project success

Kaplan Astronautics, LLC 

Space Consulting

With over 35 years experience creating and leading world-class space programs, Kaplan Astronautics has what it takes to help your space project succeed.

We provide
effective consulting services to industry and Government for commercial, scientific and exploration space projects.
Our customers include national space agencies, non-profits, industrial prime contractors, aerospace suppliers, universities, consulting firms, space start-ups, investment banks and insurance companies.

Kaplan Astronautics' expertise spans the entire life-cycle of an aerospace project from initial mission planning, pursuit strategy, and business development thru implementation with project management and systems engineering. We also provide external review capabilities along with all the tools necessary to perform technical due diligence assessments. 

Kaplan Astronautics specializes in developing solutions tailored to our customers needs to maximize their return on investment and mission success. We have what it takes to help you succeed.